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Attendance on exhibitions

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Renault AG1 1912 Fiacre body

Motul Grand Prix - Heritage Foundation (February 4th, 2015):

Restore the legend


It is at the Retromobile 2015 show that  Valentin Giron was provided with Motul Grand Prix - Heritage Foundation: Restoring the legend for the conservation and future rehabilitation of a vehicle from the Automotive Museum of Vendée:

PEUGEOT 176 1926 engine without valves 4 cylinder 12-14cv.

The convertible body shifted in top 2 places + spider was designed by FELBER.

The award was issued to Valentin in the presence of:

- Francis Xavier Bieuville: CEO of the Heritage Foundation

- Hervé Amelot CEO of Motul

- Vincent Berjot: Director of Heritage at the Ministry of Cuture and Communication.


LE MANS CLASSIC (4 to 6 July 2014) :


During this nice and great event around historic vehicles, the FFVE organised a new show with french cars designed by french designers to help her in her project to ask Unesco to recognise French coachbuiders as Heritage.

The Musée Auto de Vendée was there with one of our nice cars : a Panhard and Levasoor X26 coupe de ville designed by Belvalette in 1913.




Trophee Potherat 2014

TROPHY JACQUES POTHERAT (21 to 23 March 2014):


It was during the exhibition: AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL of 21 to 23 March 2014 that took place on 'traditional' Jacques Potherat Trophy in memory of journalist who loved beautiful cars and more particularly cyclecars.


Our Museum was represented by Valy Giron and her son Tanguy driving the Museum's Amilcar newly restored.